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Our full privacy statement is available to view at

Spring Bank Camp will only store your information in accordance with your preferences, as defined in your user profile (see below).

You are able to view the personal information we hold on you through the 'My Profile' section of the user portal (which is available once you have logged in). There is no other personal information stored in any other location in the database.

We routinely cleanse our database of personal information where permission to retain after the end of each event has not been given. This happens automatically after each event on June 30th, unless permission is given for the details to be retained for next year's event.

Consent to store your details

Giving consent to store your peronsal information means the following:

  • your user account will still be active and usable for next year's event
  • your contact information will be saved and will not need to be re-entered for next year's event
  • your DBS details will be stored and will not need to be re-entered for next year's event (provided your DBS is still valid at next year's event)
  • your profile photo will be stored and will not need to be re-uploaded
  • We may contact you about next year's event

You will however need to:

  • re-submit any medical information (current conditions, medication, allergies etc)
  • re-submit any dietary requirements for staff catering

We will re-confirm that you continue to give your consent each year. If we do not receive your continued consent, your details will be removed by June 30th of that year.

If you do not give your consent:

  • your profile will be removed from the database on June 30th
  • you will need to re-enter all your details again if you wish to attend next year's event.
Do we have your consent to keep your details in our database for next year's event?